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Create long-term success by practicing these mindful principles!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Whether we plan on setting New Year's resolutions, a new goal as a leader, or even committing to a new parenting style, we must start with one thing first!


Yes— Self-Care is NOT Selfish!

There are various self-care hacks that dramatically improve the quality of our lives. In this article, I focus on the importance of taking time to connect with self, adopting a new mindset, and integrating intentions to create abundance.

In order to generate long-term/sustainable success, we must be able to gain clarity, tap into our authentic hearts, and harness our belief in self.

And, the only way to achieve this is by taking a moment to do a 'gut check' before we zoom off in 'go' mode!

It's so vital to go within as often as possible to ensure that we are aligned with our goals in business, at home, and everywhere in between.

Note: Sometimes (or for some— most of the time), in a corporate work environment we have a certain criteria or global organizational plan to adhere to.

Your key differentiator amongst your colleagues is your approach. And, your approach is dependent upon your mindset.

So, please consider adopting a new mindset when approaching resolutions, goals, and overall change.

For example: Instead of setting New Year's Resolutions— Set INTENTIONS!

Nina Antinora Resolution vs Intentions


In my experience, resolutions focus on a problem that we want to fix. The gist is— we set a goal, commit to a plan, and hopefully achieve the outcome desired. Easy, right?


For most us us, we tend to set unattainable LONG TERM success goals through resolutions. This ends up adding more pressure to our lives and causing increased stress and disappointment.

I also see resolutions stemming from a 'lack of' mentality. Resolutions are not aligned with our greater good.
Instead, they act as a 'one-off wish' (disguised as goals)— that's disconnected from our overall life success and fulfillment journey.

I say 'life' as our careers are a just one aspect of our lives and not the other way around. Now, this was a concept that took me over 15 years in business to embrace. Once I did, it was truly a game-changer!

OK, onto...


An intention is tied to our authenticity and what is meant for our greater good (if we stay true to ourselves). Intentions are aligned with our overall life's journey for achieving abundance— at work and at home.

When we set an intention, we focus on what we already know, have, or believe in.

There is no 'lack of'. There's 'building upon' what's already within us in order to achieve success— long term!
Intentions are not just an alternative to resolutions. In fact, they are the springboard for most of our decisions, plans, goals, and outcomes.

It's critical that we understand the impact intentions have on our daily activities—from professional and personal conversations to setting goals, and even helping our team achieve their own goals. So, not only is it important to adopt this mindset for yourself, it's helpful to share this way of thinking, doing, and being with those who are looking to up-level success!

Nina Antinora's Setting Intentions Top Tips

We must go within and be honest with ourselves in order to establish our authentic wants and needs. Once this is established, we are able to organically create a path towards abundance.

Reminder: This process is instrumental in any and all situations. Please remember that before we can set goals, have a proactive posture, and plan ahead— we must align our mindset and intentions.

For further info on this subject or other mindful solutions, please reach out to Nina Antinora at Change It Up®.

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