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Mindful solutions to enhance communication,
up-level engagement & drive performance.


Programs & Toolkits

Programs & Toolkits

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Bridge IQ & EQ.

Foundation for all of

CIU's programs.


Outdoor Experience.

Walking workshops, coaching, and excercise.


Laser Coaching.

Group or 1:1 barrier breakthrough sessions.

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Leadership Toolkit.

Professional Development & Coaching Framework

Progam Highlight

Smart with Heart  Highlight— Change Agility



Smart with Heart  Highlight— Change Agility

Our 3Rs   Program is based on a 3-phase transformational roadmap that spans each client's desired timeline to help employees achieve desired goals & outcomes.


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Rediscover— Awareness & Curiosity




Realign— Mindset & Behavior



Reimagine— Opportunities & Outcomes

Program Benefits:

  • Gain Vital Toolkits & Comprehensive Roadmap for Increased Success in this VUCA World

  • Promote Motivation & Accountability

  • Increase Best Self & Professional Development

  • Easily Integrates with Individual & Team Schedules

  • Breakdown Silos & Encourage Cross-Functional Engagement

Program Include:

  • Customized strategic plan & content development based on client's key initiatives and goals

  • Flexible timelines spanning 3-12 months (pending tier selected)

  • 3 Tier Options Include: various workshops (virtual and/or in person), coaching, milestone/key topic touch points.



Workshop Highlight— TrailChats


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Whether we are at HQ or onsite for your team or cross-functional meeting, we will organically shift energy and perspective by stepping away from the breakout room and into the great outdoors! This collaborative 'laser coaching' experience is based on a specific topic-driven workshop followed by a walk (or light hike).

Learn Simple Strategies to Overcome Barriers in the Great Outdoors!

What is Laser Coaching?

This is the ultimate 'unstuck' session! Laser Coaching is a specialized technique to rapidly reach a specific goal within a single session.

The Results are In.

Research has shown that being outdoors and connecting to nature can decrease stress, increase productivity, open up our creativity, and allow ourselves the space to be vulnerable. And in return, true to our authentic selves and shift mindset discover solutions to what may be holding us back.

Leadership Highlight— Toolkit

Leadership Highlight— Toolkit

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OW is a Virtual Leadership Toolkit that enables managers to create various touch points to pull through key learnings, highlight new initiatives, and capture insights.

This high impact program is an innovative and engaging way to promote a growth mindset to transform mindset & behavior— creating unparalleled success.

Encourage your team to not think of Wednesday as something they 'have to’ get through (or over). Instead, they 'get to’ revisit goals for the week and realize that they still have the 'opportunity' to achieve their goals with the time remaining.

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This virtual experience is also available as an 'in person' workshop.

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