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We're adult learning specialists, innovative thinkers & doers, mindset re-setters, and heart-centered subject matter experts.

Through our holistic and proactive posture, we provide solutions that address your biggest leadership and professional development needs and challenges. Our top priority is to help our clients show up each day as their best selves!

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Leadership & Professional Development with a Mindful Twist!

We're based in sunny San Diego, CA with a national and global reach across leadership, HR, sales, field readiness, medical affairs, training, PMO, and everything in between.


Change It Up evolved from our founder, Nina Antinora's two decades of global consultancy experience with fortune 100 & 500 companies spanning the world of pharma/biotech, healthcare, tech/software, financial, consumer goods, auto, entertainment, and the beauty industry.

During Nina's leadership in global events, marketing, and training, she noticed a significant need to help clients break silos, boost self-awareness, tackle limiting beliefs, reframe change, and improve internal and cross-functional communication for better customer relations, retention, and ROI.


3Rs Philosophy

Rediscover. Realign. Reimagine.

"In order to elevate success, we must start with self. It's imperative to increase our awareness, connect with our emotional intelligence, and shift perspective to support a growth mindset.

The goal is to bridge process, metrics, and strategy with workplace mindfulness which exponentially transforms behavior and supercharges results.

My greatest passion is helping my clients achieve this!"

~ Nina Antinora

Chief Executive Officer


Wrok with Change It Up Corporat



Simply put, we are Smart with HEART.

As digital advancements and innovative technology transform the way we work, it’s imperative that we do not lose sight of the HUMAN side of doing business. CIU has extensive experience working with global organizations that are inundated with data, deadlines, and undergoing massive change in this VUCA world.

We infuse your industry expertise and technical skills with awareness, empathy, emotional intelligence, and a focus on HUMAN CONNECTION. All of our programs are driven by a robust whole-brain methodology, enriching every learning experience in order to deliver effective and impactful experiences that not only enhance skills and knowledge, but also foster personal growth.

Our clients experience a huge transformation in mindset and behavior that organically translates into boundless success through enhanced self-development, communication, and engagement.




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