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Change It Up Corporate is a division of Change It Up, LLC. which was created by #1 best-selling author Nina Antinora, previously the CEO of SP Productions, LLC and founder of AGFS Foundation, Inc..  We evolved from Nina's two decades of consultancy experience with global fortune 500 companies and her passion for changing the trajectory of businesses worldwide— one mindful step at a time!

During Nina's time spent spearheading massive global events, marketing, and training programs she realized a huge unmet need to bridge strategy, design, analytics, and process with emotional intelligence that’s rooted in workplace mindfulness. So she leveraged her adult learning and coaching experience, along with her cross-functional expertise to launch Change It Up Corporate.

Our process is extremely flexible and nimble so that we can provide each client the personalized attention they deserve. It’s all about the synergy we create with our clients and partners. This positive approach and expertise is what catapults CIU Corporate to the top of our industry.


Our Philosophy

“It’s the passionate ones who shake things up.

Who challenge the status quo. The disrupters, the innovators, the change makers, and the


~ Nina Antinora

CEO, Change It Up, LLC.

Passion is our Generator. Collaborating is our Inspiration.

We come from a place of pure and utter authenticity that's fueled with passion for helping you and your organization reach your greatest potential and 'step up & into' the absolute best version of yourselves (as leaders, managers, and innovators). Our greatest passion is motivating and inspiring you to peel back the layers to uncover pain points, gaps, and how to up-level professional development.

Teamwork is What makes us Click.

Working together, we provide comprehensive solutions regardless of size or scope.  Our overarching strategic approach and streamlined processes ensure that each program is delivered on time, on budget and with a smile!

Our Mindful 360° Approach Through a Macro to Micro Lens.

We base our process on your company's overall vision and values that's unified with your key initiatives. We cover a full surround of your business model along with your current sales and marketing plan. However, the key for us is engagement and communication. So, we circle back to talent. Your people.  The Success Magnets! To learn more about our signature programs click here.

Wrok with Change It Up Corporat



Simply put, we are Smart with HEART.

Think of us as an extension of your organization. We roll up our sleeves and dive right into your culture, process, and key initiatives! By aligning with your current business acumen we can identify your unmet needs and provide mindful solutions.  

Sure, we have a plethora of degrees, certifications, and credentials behind us, but we truly believe that our key differentiator is our innate ability to ascertain each client's needs and intuitively deliver mindful best practices and strategies.

Whether you're looking to educate and motivate your sales force or MSLs, inspire cross-functional collaboration, or need a communication refresh, our Mindful 360° Solution has you covered!




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